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What Is Complex Regional Pain Syndrome?

Complex regional pain syndrome is a chronic pain condition that causes severe pain in the hand, arm, foot, or leg, usually after an injury or some other trauma to the limb. CRPS isn’t well-known and often goes misdiagnosed.

Apr 13th, 2021
What is a Genicular Nerve Block and Why Would I Need One?

When physical therapy, anti-inflammatory medications, and joint injections no longer provide relief from your chronic knee pain, then surgery may be the next step. Or maybe not. A genicular nerve block may be a better solution.

Feb 18th, 2021
Is Spinal Stenosis Causing Your Chronic Back Pain?

If your back pain is getting worse and causing other symptoms such as numbness or tingling, then you may have spinal stenosis. Ignoring your symptoms won’t make them go away. But the right pain management plan can provide long-term relief.

Jan 18th, 2021
Causes of Chronic Knee Pain

In the United States, there are over 100 million Americans suffering from chronic pain. Knee pain is the second most cause of chronic pain and affects approximately 15-20% adult men and 25% of adult women.

Feb 5th, 2021